013 Going Up

by Foster Douglas on January 13, 2015

Based on sliding block puzzle table games (reference image below), in Going Up you are tasked with directing and rearranging various sized people inside of an elevator to get them to their respective required floors.

Guests will queue at the bottom floor at the start of the game. Each person has a number in a small bubble over their head, which indicates which floor they need to go to next. When the elevator arrives, the group of people gets inside, assigning themselves to a grid space in the elevator.

As the elevator begins moving upward, you must rearrange people quickly and efficiently to make space to allow for the correct people to leave the elevator at their correct floor. If you don’t allow the person to leave in the allotted time, then the elevator doors close, and the elevator continues up, with the person stuck inside until the ride down.

On the way down, the goal is to arrange as many people as possible inside the elevator, to maximize its usage.


(Also loosely based on a tweet by Buster Benson)

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