988 Down

by Foster Douglas on September 15, 2017

Like Steamworld Dig 2 meets Bridge Constructor; a puzzle digging game focused on structure-based physics.

The strategy would be to get down to deeper and deeper locations without getting stuck somewhere in the cave or having the entire cave collapse above you.

The gameplay loop would be mining materials, using them on the surface to craft various tools and structures, and use these tools as the player descends into the mine. Structures would have to be created to keep the mine integrity in tact as the player digs away at some of it.

The fail state isn’t yet clear, because I could see it getting a little precarious or nuanced if the player doesn’t do a good job of creating supports and then accidentally removes one support and the entire structure falls apart. But, I think that can be resolved in the gameplay system in ways.

The story could surround around the city sitting on top of the mine slowly sinking into the mine, or is in some threat of falling apart unless the player can create a good supporting structure.

I think the loop could be fun, similar to Steamworld Dig games, but a little bit slower paced. You’d be digging, but not quite as carelessly, and still looking for certain rare ores and items in the caves, while also making these structures that both help support the cave’s integrity and allow you to move through and down it more easily and efficiently.

(Image for reference, purple lines are where a player might put some of their structures to keep the cave’s integrity)


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