885 The Apartment

by Foster Douglas on June 4, 2017

I did a post in the past called The Flat, about a hyper-compressed and detailed apartment that you could explore and experience a story within.

This idea takes that concept and removes the story element from it, and replaces it with a dynamic and realistic time simulation system. The player can still interact with the apartment however they want, pick up dishes, clean them with a sponge, break them on the ground, or put them on a different shelf.

(the actual method of interaction is up for debate, it might actually work best as VR game with actual hands the player can use)

The game world persists, whether the player has the game open or not. More importantly, time passes as it would and affects everything in the apartment as it would. Dust accumulates on surfaces. Water stagnates if left in something. Fresh food rots. Lights left on burn out.

Every time the player opens the game, they begin in the same spot on a couch in the main living room. Everything is how they last left it, other than what the affects of time have done to it. Check back in one week, or check back in 20 years.

I think this could be an incredibly interesting art piece to experience.

Also, I might want to think of a better name for this, but I like the simplicity.

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