798 Depleted Update 0001

by Foster Douglas on March 9, 2017

Depleted is a game made specifically for Apple’s touch-bar equipped keyboards.

The concept is around the idea of these nine colored containers that are slowly depleting. It’s the player’s job to manage the levels of all containers simultaneously by holding the numbers keys down beneath each one. The 2 letters highlighted on the left and right side of containers must be held down too, and swap periodically.

Other aspects that could be included:

  • The spacebar always significantly decreases the rate, so it’s strategic to keep that depressed at all timesvv
  • Maybe an “experience” or “leveling” system, but it’d have to have good reason to be there
  • Abilities that let you freeze containers or decelerate them
  • Challenges that accelerate the rate
  • Drag and drop the containers to reorganize them strategically for your fingers
  • Tap and tap to swap two containers’ positions
  • If a container is depleted, the two adjacent to it will begin depleting even quicker


A quick mockup of Depleted

I love this idea, and will be revisiting and iterating on the idea over time.

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