300 No Such Thing As Ghosts

by Foster Douglas on October 27, 2015

In this time-traveling online FPS, play a standard 8v8 match, with only one person controlling each team.

Each player starts normally, controlling one character. As soon as someone is eliminated by someone else, that Ghost starts over on repeat, continuing to play on loop. The player that died then spawns their 2nd character, and begins controlling that, while the first continues on its loop.

This means that each time a player kills another player, it effectively makes things more difficult for them.

As this gameplay loops continues, it eventually reaches mass chaotic proportions, culminating in a nearly-autonomous 8v8 match. There may be a certain item or upgrade that would allow players to erase or re-run certain Ghosts. After your 8th character dies, it loops back to your first Ghost and gives you control over them again. When that Ghost die, it does not run on repeat, and you move on to your 2nd Ghost. Continue this until someone loses all of their Ghosts.

Essentially, both players get 16 deaths. But with a ton of chaos in between.

[ Today I Was Playing: Super Time Force Ultra and Professor Layton and the Last Specter ]

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