569 What's The Point?

by Foster Douglas on July 22, 2016

WTP, or “What’s The Point?” syndrome is an affliction on many games that are released on mobile devices, like Android and iOS.

These games can sometimes be identified by the following traits:

  • Timers. Any time a game is asking you to wait 2hour and 37min before you can do anything again, it’s been a victim of WTP.
  • Currencies. Don’t be fooled by “wood” or “stars” or “energy” that you need to play the game. If there’s more than one currency, usually WTP?
  • Collecting. Anything in a game that is waiting for you tap on it to be collected is probably a direct result of WTP. Don’t let your serotonin rule you, tap-to-collect is deceiving you.
  • Rushing. Related to timers, anything that can be activated to “save time” is in direct correlation to the WTP principal.
  • Tap. If “tap” is in the game’s title, the game is probably mostly tapping. Probably too much tapping. WTP.
  • Real money. If you have to pay more than once for a game, really WTP? I don’t buy Scrabble and then have to go back to the store when I realize that they’ve only given me half of the letters I need to play. WTP WTP WTP.
  • Investment. A game should always respect your time and investment in it. If you are wasting time in a game because it’s forcing you to do collect or do certain tasks, WTP?

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