770 The Cartographer

by Foster Douglas on February 9, 2017

I’ve had a weird fascination with maps lately. Ok, not just lately, it’s been a life-long affliction. Let’s say, a renewed interest.

This is an adventure game, and our main character is a cartographer. He has no special powers, no super strength, no swords and shields and magic… just a compass and a map and a pencil.

The mechanic itself it vague in my mind, but would have to do with inscribing onto various found parchment pieces different symbols, locations, lines, and shapes. And maybe, finding map pieces and assembling them. Using clues on the maps and in the environment around the player to solve puzzles, but not “puzzles” in the traditional sense. More like, solving questions that the story and world would set up for the player.

It may also have aspects of the classic metroidvania system, where the character visits locations that are unrevealed, inaccessible, or mysterious in some certain way, and must come back to them later with more information on their map.

Alternate title: The Scribe.

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