596 ReChess

by Foster Douglas on August 18, 2016

A chess continuation design.

After a traditional game of chess is finished, all spaces that have remaining pieces on them are noted. If you occupy any of your opponents starting spaces with any of your pieces, those spots are conquered, and your opponent will not start ReChess with the normally assigned piece there. The Queen and King spaces are exempt.

Play ReChess with all other standard rules of chess.

Alternatively, you can continue to play ReChess sessions back to back on the same board. The first player to force their opponent down to only their King and Queen pieces wins. Ties are possible but probably rare.


In the above example of the end of a game of chess, assuming white began on the bottom and black on top… The beginning of ReChess would see the white player missing their pieces 2a and 2d, while the black player would just be short 7d.

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