962 Tetris Weights

by Foster Douglas on August 20, 2017

A spin on Tetris where the physicality and weight of the blocks makes an impact on the gameplay.

For example, maybe some of the blocks are made of a jelly substance, some are made of feathers, and some are made of bricks. As you stack and rearrange the blocks during gameplay, this needs to be considered:

  • Feather blocks can sit on top of any others,
  • Jelly blocks can sit on top of brick blocks, but will crush feather blocks
  • Brick blocks will crush both feather and jelly blocks, but can support either on top of them, and can create structures

There could be some other unique aspects to each, like adjacent jelly blocks with meld into each other, feather blocks will float away if nothing is blocking them in, and brick blocks will shatter if they fall down too far.

It could be a fun gameplay balance to have different shapes (maybe not quite as many as standard Tetris) while also balancing the different types of blocks.

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