925 Why Keeping Track Of Gaming Is Important To Me

by Foster Douglas on July 14, 2017

I’ve showed various people my tendencies to keep track of hours that I game (as well as hours I spend designing games), and have gotten plenty of interesting responses.

There are a few main factors I’ve decided are important reasons to do this:

  1. Hours are precious in life, I like to know where they go
  2. Knowing how long a game took me is a factor in considering my enjoyment of it.
  3. I track a lot of different activities that I do in my days, and so factoring gaming into this helps me understand life priorities a bit better, and helps me make the correct amount of time for gaming
  4. Having tracked it for almost 6 years, I have a good sense of how many hours per year I’ll likely be playing games, which helps me loosely plan what I have time for

It’s also helpful for this blog in particular, as I often use details about my tracking in various posts and reviews.

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