788 Typing Adventure

by Foster Douglas on February 27, 2017

A text-based Adventure/RPG that you type along to.

Some brainstorming ideas:

  • type as your read to progress the story
  • aspects like speed and accuracy of typing are used in the game design as elements
  • the narrator is speaking/typing what is happening as the player types what they are doing
  • player can type things like “runrunrunrunrun” or “w a l k w a l k w a l k”
  • the battles are speed typing, with dynamic events like TYPE IN CAPS NOW to do extra damage
  • while typing different types of blanks will show up, similar to Ad Libs blanks, and the player has to either fill them in with their own verb/noun/adjective or choose from a short list, with limited time to decide otherwise consequences
  • your character is shaped like “wasd”
  • inbetween story chapters, there’s a town you can explore
  • graphics are designed with words representing their objects, for example “birds birds birds” moving like birds do, or “rustling tree leaves”

Depending on how it’s framed and written, this could also potentially be considered an educational game, for typing, spelling, and language. It could also be used slyly to teach advanced vocabulary or grammar. Or if not, it would probably just be educational regardless, even if not explicitly.

Somewhat based on this post from last week.

(Thanks Kevin!!! So many great ideas, NICE)

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