922 Two-Sided Cards

by Foster Douglas on July 11, 2017

A set of cards where each card’s back also has a value on it, but different from the front’s value. Without much more thought than that (because it may not need it), I can imagine many varieties of game mechanic this could use:

  • The mechanic requires players to make sacrifices and decisions to choose which side of the card to put into play
  • In a game where card values are secretive, the player is making strategic decisions to show particular backs of cards while keeping fronts hidden
  • A mechanic where some stands exist in the center and players are placing the two-sided cards vertically, choosing which sides face which directions based on the mechanics to solve (maybe like vertical dominoes kind of, but more complex)
  • Some type of system where it’s required for a player (or all players) to remember certain values on the backs of placed cards
  • Add together the front and back of the card for some reason (awkward maybe)

I could think of dozens more, I think this design is incredibly interesting and innovative.

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