467 Julia

by Foster Douglas on April 11, 2016

An iPad cooking assistant.

Julia is like Siri but specifically for cooking. An “always on” visual/audio tool and game that helps make cooking just a little bit easier and more fun. Launch this app on your iPad or tablet, and start cooking. Julia supports you in any way you need. Ask her for recipes, or tell her the recipe you’re following and she’ll help keep track of it. Ask her to convert cups to mL, ask her what pairs well with a certain food, or what you can use a substitute for a certain ingredient. Easily set multiple timers (“Julia, set one timer for 10 minutes for the broccoli, and another timer for 20 minutes for the potatoes”) and she’ll keep track of them for you. Bring up reference photos of finished recipes, watch videos of cooking and prep techniques, or if you’re bored ask Julia to hear some trivia facts about cooking. The app could also keep track of recipes you’ve made and basic nutritional information of each, as well as encouraging you to cook consecutive days of the week.

The entire app is focused on being completely hands free (since our hands are busy while cooking!), but would also feature a secondary mode where a co-op cooking parter (/sous chef!) could help operate the app.

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