748 Directional Audio In Cooperative Gaming

by Foster Douglas on January 18, 2017

In 3D gaming, directional audio is massively important. It helps you to know where you are spatially in the environment, if there are threats or points of interest near you, and helps craft a general ambience that creates immersion.

This should be extended to multiplayer gaming, specifically for audio chatting. For example, if you’re playing a cooperative game of Destiny, and you say into your microphone “I’m over here!” the other players that you’re grouped with should be able to hear in their headphones or through their speakers that you are somewhere to the left of them, and slightly behind them.

There may be games that do this already, and I would honestly be surprised if there weren’t. Technically speaking, it isn’t impossible to do, and it could add an incredible amount of immersion and teamwork to the feel of a game.

(Thanks Corey! Cool idea.)

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