114 Hay

by Foster Douglas on April 24, 2015

You’re a farmer, and your goal is to use your animals to secure your precious hay. This game is played on a chess board using special rules and game pieces.

##The Goal Protect your Hay! Or eat their hay!

##The Pieces Each player has the following set of pieces:

  • 1 Farmer
  • 1 Horse
  • 2 Cows
  • 2 Pigs
  • 2 Chickens
  • 8 Hay

##The Rules

  • Cow rams Pig, Pig scares Chicken, Chicken tricks cow
  • The cow can only run in straight lines, until she runs into something
  • The pig can move in every direction, but only one space (?)
  • The chicken moves two spaces forward, backward, or sideways, jumping over one space
  • The farmer can move in any direction one space, but cannot move without his horse


  • farmer can push hay around, and maybe horse can push too?
  • when animals are on adjacent spaces, they affect each other (Cow beats Pig beats Chicken beats Cow)
  • chain reactions are imminent (a cow rams a pig that touches a chicken and scares it into another chicken, ending the chain)
  • player can make two moves per turn?
  • hay that’s eaten by opponent turns to mud, aka an obstacle?
  • maybe the pig can’t move at all, but has a different advantage? or maybe it can roll around in the mud?
  • game ends when all opponent’s hay has been eaten, OR all of a player’s hay is completely protected, OR the opponent boxes in a farmer with animals

(Continuing work on this concept as a full project…)

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